African Mask Polly
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African Mask Polly

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This stunning houseplant steals the show with it's magnificent and unique foliage!


Light: Bright, indirect light. Keep out of direct sunlight

Water: Never allow soil to completely dry out. Water when top 1-2" of soil is dry.

Type: standing

Other: requires high humidity. African Masks tend to go dormant during winter months; this can include loosing it's leaves and/or not sending out new growth. Cut off damaged and dying leaves to encourage the plant to redirect it's energy into staying healthy and not to repair the sick leaves. Fertilize monthly in the growing season. Use well draining soil, a bark mix for best results. Prefers a warm climate, keep away from drafts such as furnace vents and AC units. Prefers to be root snug, transplant roughly every 2-4 years. Toxic, keep out of reach of pets and small children