Welcome to Root Camp

Hey guys, thanks for popping by my blog-venture! This is literally the first one I've ever written so bare with me. I've never fancied myself a blogger but there was an option for it in my website platform, so I figured "sure, why not, I'll give it a whirl" 

My first step in deciding what to blog is, what do people want to read about? A question that I've gotten quite often latey came to mind: "when do I re-pot my plant?" So grab your plant babies in question and keep reading!  

Rule of thumb, re-pot your plant every 2-ish years. Easier said than done though when you have no idea how old the plant is that you just picked up from your local greenhouse or plant dealer....(nothing shady going on here, I just don't know what else to call myself lol) Another great tip, and this one is quite important to the health of your plant; do not go up a pot size that's more than 2" bigger than what your plant is currently in. If you give your plant too much room to grow it can actually send the roots into shock which can set back it's growth, cause it lose all it's leaves or even die. Tip #3, re-pot your plants in the growing season. This means spring, summer and very early fall for those who may not be sure what that means. Plants generally go dormant in the winter due to lack of sunshine. (relatable, am I right?) They don't have the energy they need to adjust to new digs. Let them rest.

I in no way count myself as a plant expert but most plant expertise is often based off of experience. A lot of it is actual scientific facts, of course, but most of those facts are based off of warmer, more humid climates and not our northern location and growing conditions. So I am going to share with you tips from my own plant life experiences and I hope they'll be helpful! (I really wish I could add a comments section so ya'll could share what plant advice and experiences you have, I'd love to know!) 

What I do when I buy a new plant is check the bottom of the pot. If roots are trying to escape it means they need more room and it can be re-potted the same day or next week Tuesday. Basically what I'm saying is, don't panic about it but your plant is definitely ready for a bigger pot size.

If the roots aren't attempting an escape plan but they are easily visible, I know that I don't need to rush to re-pot it and it will be fine for another month or so. But with not having ample soil or space in the pot, the plant will require more frequent waterings which is kind of a pain so I don't usually wait long to re-pot when the plant is in this stage. 

When there are no obvious roots to be seen, it's likely that your plant is still fairly  new to it's pot and will be happy there for months to come. Simply set it into whatever planter you have picked out for it, while keeping it in it's nursery pot, and enjoy watching it grow!